Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Most kids sleep with a soft stuffed animal.....not Collin! This is what I found him sleeping with on Monday night when I went to check on him!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

High Flyin' Fun

The weather has been really crazy lately! The Curry's found something that all this wind is really good for!

Yeaterday we spent some time flying kites. It took a little while to get the hang of things, but then they were off!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Date Night!

One of my favorite things that Gary Don does with Paige is when he takes her on a date! She loves her Daddy dates! I think these dates will help her when she is older and dating! He is setting the bar high for any future suitors!
Last night she requested that they dress up for their date! She wanted him to wear a suit! He told her he would wear a tie, and let her pick it out!

They started the evening with dinner at Chili's.

And ended the night at Marketplace for dessert!

Paige LOVES a chocolate mess!!!!!

I think they had a really great time!

Tonight is my turn!!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Hunt

Last night Gary Don and Austin got to try a new kind of hunting. They went coon hunting with the Meeker boys! The crew that went were, Gary Don, Austin, Ronnie Deal, Terral Meeker, Ralph Meeker, and Aaron Meeker.
They met at Ronnie's house around 7 p.m. and headed to the Jack creek area.

It was not a very successful night of coon hunting. They returned home around midnight, without any coons! Austin and Gary Don hope to be invited to go again.


Three years ago Austin was introduced to 4-H by our friends the Russell's. We are members
of the shooting sports club. They meet once a month and usually shoot different types of guns, anything from .22s to muzzle loaders. Last summer Austin attended 2 different camps thru 4-h and had a great time.
As a member if you participate in three different county activities during the year the county will pay for half of the cost of any camp. Last year Austin performed at the performing arts night, he played the piano, he also participated in a BBQ chicken cooking contest, that he placed 2nd in and got to go to Fayettville to compete in the state competition. The last thing he did was a county-o-rama, where they compete in different games and tests, like bb shooting, reel casting, fish identification. All of that to say those are the three things he will participate in again this year.
Thursday night was the performing arts night. This year Austin performed with his friend Kyle. They played a duet. Austin on the piano, and Kyle on the guitar.
Here they are practicing at our house the day before.

They did a really great job!

They received a red ribbon for their efforts!

Friday, March 19, 2010


This must be the week for blogging about Austin! He has had a very busy week! Monday night he had a band concert, forgot to take the camera! 7th grade band has come a long way! They did a great job!
The end of basketball season last month brought the beginning of another new sport season for Austin. TRACK! He loves it! He is really very fast! I say he gets his speed from me! Right? I am sure you will all agree with me!
Tuesday night was his first meet in Booneville. It was a 7th grade only meet, but there were probably 10 schools there! Austin did the long jump, and ran in three relays.

Here is is waiting on the hand off for the final leg of the 4x400 relay. (FYI, I used to run the same leg in that relay.) It is also the last race of the track meet! His team placed 5th!

This is Austin running the final stretch of the first leg of the 2 mile relay! He got his team an awesome lead on his leg and they came in 1st place!! Did I mention that this is the first race of the meet. Yes if you kept up he ran in the first event of the night and the last! Now I know how my mom felt! I used to do the same thing back in the day!

He also ran the 3rd leg of the 4x100 relay and they placed 6th!

It was a long night, and a little cold! Austin did a great job!!! He said he really liked it, and can't wait to see what events he will get to try at the next meet!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Boys of Summer (and girl)

It that time of year again! Time to hear the clink of the bat hitting the ball, and the slap of the ball in the glove! BASEBALL! I love this time of year! Collin has been practicing for a few weeks. This year he moves up to first year kid pitch. Normally he plays catcher, which will take on a whole new meaning for him this year! He is also hoping to get to pitch a little too!
This weekend the whole team, several dads and a few moms loaded up and went to Little Rock for a hitting and pitching clinic. Gary Don went with Collin and they had a great time!

Warming up before the clinic

Collin getting some pitching instruction! Check out that balance!

Hopefully the boys learned a thing or two! I can't wait for the season to start!

On a side note Paige is playing t-ball again this year! She is on the same team as last year, but this year she is not the only girl! One of her friends Chaise is playing too! I will have to get a few pictures of her in action at her next practice!


Last year Greenwood schools started a trap shooting team for grades 6-12.This was right up Austin's alley! The team has over 150 members! To qualify to go to the regional competition you have to practice at least 5 times. Last year thru the practices Austin's best record was 16 out of 25. At regionals he shot a personal best of 21 out of 25! This year he is at it again. He has practiced 4 times so far, and has shot a 21 two of those times!

I took this picture Friday at practice. It was really COLD and WINDY! He could not feel his hands when he was done with his round!

You shoot in teams of 5 and rotate to the 5 different stations every 5 shots. In April Austin is going to a junior Olympic trap competition. It is a 3 day event, and he will shoot 125 shots over the 3 days! Then 2 weeks later it is the regional competition. Shooting seems effortless for Austin. He never gets nervous during a competition. It must be his laid back personality! Glad it is good for something!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last Thursday night Paige had her kindergarten PTO program! Lucky for me her class was to dress as princesses! I was really glad we did not have to be really creative with a costume! Some of the other classes had to be birds, lions, puppy dogs, snowflakes, bunnies, and the boys from our class were shrek. All of the kids looked great and did an awesome job.

This is our princess before we left. Mimi came over after work and helped roll her hair, and she was thrilled to get to wear some makeup! Who's child is she?

Not a great picture but this is about half of the kindergarten! There are 16 classes! Can you say over-crowded!

Here is our little performer! She really gets in to things like this! Her friend Eden is on her left.

Paige and Reese after the program! Here is a short clip of the song Paige's class performed! Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Say Cheese!

See this cute smile, it's changing!

Paige pulled her first tooth on Friday, right after school. I knew she had a loose tooth but I didn't think it was ready to come out. Thursday night she had an apple after dinner, and she is convinced that is what loosened it up. When we got home from school on Friday she let me wiggle it. I pulled it forward and she screamed! Girl drama! I asked her to pull it forward and twist, so she did and out came the tooth! She did it herself, and said that didn't hurt at all!

Check out that new smile!

Here she is with her money from the tooth fairy! Sorry for the scary eyes! I told her to smile so I could see the gap and this is what I got! I am not sure I am ready for her to have big girl teeth! I know it is just the beginning of many changes in this girls life!
* Third post of the day! scroll down to see what else we have been up to!

Mom's Away (part II)

My kids LOVE it when I go out of town. (see below post) I think they don't like me! No really they just think dad is the fun parent! And truth be told he is! I can admit it, sometimes I am just no fun. I mean I make them do their homework, take baths, and sometimes I don't let them play the playstation when ever they want to! They all had a great time this weekend while I was gone. Austin spent the night with a friend Friday night. Gary Don took Paige and Collin to CiCi's for dinner. Collin had 9 Cinnamon rolls!

On Saturday Gary Don took this girl to have her nails done! He is a really great girl daddy!

She is really proud of them! Saturday they also installed this. Our other one was all rusted and barely standing!

I came home Sunday night to a freshly cleaned house and all of the laundry done! My husband is awesome! He even tackled Paige's room!

Doesn't it look great! I heard that several tears were shed in the cleaning of this room! She was also told that she would get a whoopin if she didn't do a better job of keeping it clean!

They also found time to sell a few of these! When I left on Friday we had 11 in the backyard. When I returned on Sunday we had 4! Tonight someone came for 2, so now we have 2! One yellow female and one black male. I think I might have a new couch in my future!
On Sunday Collin had his first baseball practice of the season! I am sooo ready for some baseball!

Mom's Away (Part I)

This weekend I got to go on a little getaway! I went to Shreveport with my sister, my niece Haley and her boyfriend Stephen. Haley plays club volleyball, and had a tournament there this weekend. I try to go to one tournament a season, I enjoy the time away, and Like watching Haley play! We left on Friday after school, and made it to Shreveport around 9:30, after a detour back to Greenwood, because Haley forgot her volleyball shoes! We had dinner at a steak place by our hotel, then Carrie and I headed to the casino! We were not there long! It doesn't take long to loose $5.00 in the quarter slots!!! Saturday Haley didn't play until 2:00 so we did some shopping at the boardwalk, it is a small outlet mall. After dragging Stephan to all the shops at the boardwalk we headed to a real mall. It was not the best mall, but we felt very safe.....there were security guards everywhere! Not sure that is really a good thing! I did find a pair of yellow box flip flops for $10! I am sure they are last years, but a great find!

Soon it was time for some volleyball!! Haley's team won 2 lost 1 on Saturday, that put them in the gold bracket for Sunday. Sunday didn't go so well. The girls lost their first match! I really enjoy watching Haley play! She plays libero for her team, which means she plays back row only and spends a lot of time diving for balls!
I am so proud of Haley, not only is she a great volleyball player, she is really smart! Between her book smarts and volleyball her future looks pretty bright! I cannot believe she is 17 and will be a senior next year!

Sorry the pictures are awful. I didn't take very many, and the few I did were horrible! I am so thankful I have a husband who encouages me to get away every now and then! Thanks Honey!