Monday, May 31, 2010


Friday May 28, 2010 Austin participated in his last banner ceremony. East Hills does this every year. Each team puts on a short "dance" to music. It is just for fun, and the kids seem to really enjoy it. This year all of 7th grade did their program together. They started with their kindergarten year and danced to a song from each year of school. Austin chose to dance with the group from his 7th grade year! They danced to pants on the ground! Austin is in the front left of the video.
The scary part of the whole thing for me was when they flashed class of 2015 on the power point!!! That is only 5 years away! I will have a high school graduate in 5 years!!!! SCARY!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Can I get a do over?

I need a weekend do over! Things started off great, Collin had a 5:30 ball game. They WON!!! The first win of the season! It was awesome! Then we were off to a friends 30th birthday party, more fun! Things really took a turn for the worse around 1:00 am from then until around 10:30 am I was making frequent trips to the bathroom! Really no fun! The stomach virus was really hard on this old momma! Spent the rest of the day in bed. Meanwhile my wonderful husband worked really hard! He took Paige to pick up her library card (will post picture later), then took Collin and Paige to Fort Smith to Sams and to pick up our new couch and love seat. When he arrived home he finished cleaning Austin's room, ripped up the carpet, cleaned the concrete and painted it! It looks great! Finally got the living room somewhat arranged with the new furniture. I definitely need some advice on paint color for the walls and placement! We are getting there! So glad to be back among the living!! Not really the kind of crash diet i had in mind!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Before and after

Last weekend while at the mall shopping for Collin's birthday present Paige got something new.

She was so brave, she didn't even shed a single tear. She just kept saying it hurts over and over!

A large dipped cone from DQ makes everything better!

She loves showing off her new pierced ears!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It was a Tuesday...

It was a Tuesday 10 years ago.....Tuesday May 9, 2000 Collin Hunter Curry was born!!! All 7 lbs of him. Happy Birthday Collin! We were blessed that day! Collin you are strong-willed, passionate, funny, athletic,and kind-hearted. I wouldn't change a thing about you, and pray that as you grow God will continue to use these traits to make you into the man he wants you to be!
He made his birthday cake himself.
Picked the icing color, the candy letters, and the candles!
Lit them himself as we all watched!
Happy Birthday Collin!

The Great Passion Play!

Ok Maybe GREAT is a little bit over the top! Saturday night Gary Don and I headed to Eureka Springs the the Carter's and the Sadlers to watch the Great Passion Play. If you have never heard of it, it is a reenactment of different parts of the life of Christ. Including the Crucifixion, and the ascension. The statue is the tallest in the United States! the only one larger in the world is in Brazil! It was really cool!
This is what the set looks like. It is really pretty cool how they have it set up. Even thought the acting was a little cheesy, the unchanging story of Christ was powerful!

Way behind.....but catching up!

Wow it is already Wednesday, and I have not updated from our busy weekend...a field trip, and trip to Eureka Springs, Mother's Day, and Collin's birthday! I will try my best to catch up!

Friday was Paige's kindergarten field trip to the Wild Things Farm! Of course she wanted me to go! So of course I went! We had good weather for the day, not to hot, but extremely windy!!!! Upon arrival we took a hayride, and got to pet the horses. Then it was off to the strawberry field to pick a small basket of strawberries! After instructions to pick the red leave the green, and stay off the plants walk between the kids were turned loose to fill their baskets. Paige took great pride in filling hers with large red berries. After the berry picking it was our turn to race the pigs (Paige won her race), feed the goats, look at the peacocks, race the ducks (Paige won her race again), then after a hand washing a picnic lunch. It really was a good day! Of course Paige got checked out early...isn't that what always happens on field trip days! Sorry no pictures! I forgot the camera!

Both Collin and Paige had birthday parties to attend Friday night. Collin's was a sleepover, and he got to ride the train in Van Buren on Saturday. When we went to pick Paige up from her party we stayed and visited with friends until way to late, but it was just what I needed after a crazy week! So thankful my kids have great friends to hang out with!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Family Fun

Well family fun for most of the family, Austin was at the movies with friends. I guess that is probably the new norm.....Austin hanging with friends instead of the family on the weekends. Collin had been asking to go fishing all day, so we headed out around 6:30 for Mrs Ruthie's pond! We had a great time and the fish were biting almost as much as the gnats!

Paige caught this beauty first thing! I think her hook was only in the water for about 30 seconds. Below is a picture of her handing her Daddy a minnow! She was very proud of herself for catching it in the minnow bucket!

Below is Collin's only catch! He was pretty proud of it. Collin is not a patient fisherman.....well truthfully is he really isn't patient at anything. It took him most of the night to catch this one fish.

This is Dad holding up Collin's catch! Hope he didn't pull a muscle holding it!

As we left Gary Don said that was really fun, we need to do more of that! I agree it was a fun night!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Austin Shoots again!

Friday April 30 was the regional junior division trap competition. Austin competed with a squad of 5 from Greenwood. He shot with Ty Wykoff, Dustin McGowen, Preston Young, and Brody Mizell. Individually Austin shot a 23/25, and said he dusted the other 2! His goal for the day was a 24, but I think a 23 is AWESOME! His team finished with a combined score of 101! The top 16 teams qualify to shoot at the state competition on June 4th. Austin's squad finished 4th overall!!!! Greenwood has 4 of the 16 teams going to state! So I guess we will be making one more trip to Lonoke this year! GREAT JOB AUSTIN!!!! We are proud of you!