Friday, July 16, 2010


A load of dirt + A firetruck = MUDFEST Now that Austin is a part of the youth group he got to be a part of MUDFEST! He loved it!!!!
Austin and Haley. His first year in the youth group and her last!

Haley and Stephan
He had already rinsed off.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Freedom Fest 5K

Because July 4th landed on a Sunday, it seemed like the holiday lasted forever! Our town decided to celebrate on Saturday the 3rd! The Curry boys began the day with a 5K run!
Austin and his friend Will before the race.

Collin with Braxton and Peyton

The beginning!

Just past the 1 mile mark!

The finish line! Collin crossed 1st with a time of 25:49! He placed 59/244 runners!Collin won his age group! Austin crossed at 26:11 and placed 70/244!

Nest year they will compete in the same age division, and I think Austin just might win!!
I am so proud of both my boys they did an amazing job!!!

Shortly after the race it began to rain and rain and rain! The rain finally stopped late in the afternoon, and the kids went to buy fireworks! We went to Mimi and Papa's for a cookout and to watch the town fireworks and to shoot our own!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacation part 3

When Alex chased us from the coast we landed at Gary Don's Uncle Bill and Aunt Marsha's!
Paige, Uncle Bill, and Socks!

Aunt Marsha, Paige and I.
These deer come and eat in their backyard everyday! They were really pretty, and fun to watch! We saw 4 the night we were there. They actually have 8 that come regularly!

After a night at Bill and Marsha's and a quick stop at Meemaws the Curry's were homeward bound!!!

We had a great time as a family!!! I am really thankful that we got to get away!

more vacation pictures!

These first pictures were taken at the end of the road! We were checking out the east end of Galveston and literally came to the end of the road! Not sure which kid took this first one, but it really didn't turn out to good!

The wind was crazy!!!!

You can see the storm clouds rolling in!


Austin sportin' the Toby Mac look!

Hotel pool!

Collin spent most of his time in the hotel pool like this!

Vacation part 2

After a relaxing weekend with friends we loaded back into the suburban and drove south. We spent a few days hanging out in Galveston. The following are pictures from the beach. We spent Monday afternoon and most of Tuesday there.

Austin spent a lot of time hanging out in a chair. He likes the beach o.k., and it didn't help that the burn on his leg was very painful!
Collin showing the seaweed he caught. There was a lot of seaweed!

I think Collin could live at the beach! He loves to play in the water!

This girl is always ready to pose for a picture!

This is the only family picture we have from the whole week! The wind was blowing like crazy! Hurricane Alex was blowing in. Because of Alex making landfall just south of Texas in Mexico we checked out a day early!

Vacation part 1

Curry family vacation 2010 began on June 26th, around 6:45 a.m.! That is the time we loaded the family into the suburban and headed to Palestine, Texas! We spent the weekend at our friends the Smith's! This is Austin with Riley. These two were inseparable when we lived in Palestine! Best friends!
The picture is horrible, but this is Kelly and I hanging out by their new pool watching the kids swim. Most of the weekend the kids were in the pool!

Saturday night Gary Don had his 25th class reunion! Man is he old!!! Ha! We had a nice time visiting with his friends from high school. Our camera batteries were dead when we got there so no pictures from the evening!

Dream car! Mike has had this Cobra for a while and Gary Don really likes it! He got to take Austin out for a little spin! Austin told us he thought he could handle this for his first car! He is such a funny kid! Notice the exhaust pipe that runs the length of the car on the drivers side....Austin sat in the drivers seat for a photo op, and burned his leg when he got out! I don't think he will ever forget his first ride in a Cobra!

It was great to hang with friends for the weekend!