Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Cocoa takes a trip

One of the reasons Collin wanted a rabbit is so he could "show" him at the fair. Yesterday we loaded Cocoa up and checked him in at the fair! Here he is in his new home for the week. He looks a little uncertain to me!

The Judging was last night. Collin also had football practice, so he left practice for a little while to show Cocoa.
Here are Collin and Cocoa in the judging arena.

According to the judge Cocoa is to skinny ( how I wish someone would tell me that!). Cocoa placed 4th! Collin was very excited! I guess we will fatten Cocoa up before next year!

Friday, August 20, 2010

1st, 4th, 8th

Pack up and ready!

Austin on the 1st day of 8th grade. This year is his 1st year of jr. high. He is playing football again. Athletics is first period. He has to be on the field ready to practice at 7:30. He is also running cross country. They run every afternoon! The rest of his schedule is:



4. science


5. study hall

6. career orientation/ P.E.

7. history

Collin on the 1st day of 4th grade. His face says it all....he is less than thrilled that school has started! His teachers are Mrs. Crumb for literacy and social studies/ Mrs. McDaniel for math and science. He is excited about Mrs. McDaniel's class because they get to use laptops! I love all of the technology being used in the classroom to keep learning fun!
Collin's school had some excitement the 1st day.....A transformer blew up and caught on fire near the school. They had to evacuate the building and make sure the fire did not spread to the building. All of this happened around the end of the day causing a major delay in dismissal! Nothing like trying to dismiss in the dark, no a/c, and 100 degree heat!

Paige on the 1st of 1st grade!!! She is so excited about school! She was mad because the boys got to go the 1st day and she had to wait until Friday!

Paige and Mrs. Efurd. I didn't even try to take Collin's picture with his teacher....

Paige had a great 1st day!


Sunday night we had a family fish fry! Yummy!!! Papa and Collin fried fish and hushpuppies.

Mimi made fries pickles and baked beans. It wasn't a very healthy meal, but it sure was good!

Austin's first plate. Not sure how many plates he filled...

One happy girl, one not so much...

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I am not sure how this works in other places but the posting of class lists for Greenwood schools is a BIG deal! Parents anticipate the posting for weeks! I am so excited about the teachers Collin and Paige got this year!!! Paige will be in Mrs. Efurd's class. She knows 3 other kids in her class. Collin will have Mrs. Crumb and Mrs McDaniel! He knows several kids in his homeroom and his switch class. I am really looking forward to a great school year!

We are awaiting the arrival of Austins schedule in the mail. He doesn't seem to concerned, you know it's Jr high!


We have been really busy the last few weeks trying to get all our check-ups in before school starts! We all have visited the dentist. Great check-ups for all. Paige has a small cavity that will be filled in a few weeks. The boys got haircuts, now they are both afraid their football helmets won't fit!
We also visited the eye Doctor. Austin had his RX renewed with only a slight change. Collin has 20/20 vision!
Paige will be wearing something new in the classroom this year!

She is the same age that Austin was when he got his glasses! She loves them!

Boys Day

Saturday our churche's outdoor ministry hosted a float/fishing trip. Gary Don, Austin, Collin and Papa went along! They all had a great time! Austin rode with Papa and spent most of the day fishing. I did hear that Austin also landed Papa in the water!!! Wish i had a picture of that!

Gary Don and Collin rode together, and I hear that Collin did all of the paddling in that boat! He came home with the blisters to prove it!!

I guess he got to do a little fishing....

While the boys spent the day in the heat Paige and I had girl time! We went to the $1.00 jewelry store, to McDonalds for lunch and to the afternoon movie to see Ramona and Beezus, then to the mall! The movie was really cute, and Paige sure does love to shop!!!


The month of July brought F.A.S. Dogs to the Curry house.
F= flexibility
A= agility
S= speed
This is a 4 day a week speed camp put on by the high school coaches. Austin's group met from 7:30 to 9:00. Collin's group was 9:30 to 10:30. Both of the boys really liked FAS Dogs.

On the first and last day they time certain drills to check for improvement.


Standing Broad jump: 89, 89

Pro Change: 4.88 sec., 4.78 sec.

40 time: 5.37 sec., 5.09 sec.

3 cone: 8.28 sec., 7.90 sec.

2 min. sit-ups: 69, 97


Standing Broad Jump: 56", 63"

Pro Change: 5.94 sec., 5.44 sec.

40 Time: 6.40 sec., 6.09 sec.

3 Cone: 11.07 sec., 9.09 sec.

2 min. Sit-ups: 45, 61

Both of the boys improved in all of the tested areas!! If you didn't miss a day of FAS dogs you earned a 100% Bulldog t-shirt!

Austin and Collin both earned their shirts!

For the last day the firetruck came to cool the boys down!


Baseball finally ended!!!!!
Both kids had a good season, and a lot of fun this season! Both kids had fun team swim parties and got trophies!
Baseball ended just in time for.......

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL?

We are in the Curry house! Pittbull pad camp was 2 weeks ago and practices began the next week. Austin's practices began this week! The temps are really hot but the boys are doing good so far!