Sunday, June 27, 2010


Last Wednesday Austin had an appointment here!

He's upper braces have been on for a few months, and he had the lowers put on this week.
They also put a larger wire on the top.

He has been very very SORE!!! From Wednesday lunch until Saturday all he could eat were milkshakes, and scrambled eggs! Saturday he was finally able to eat some real food! He hates his braces, but I keep trying to tell him how much he will appreciate his nice straight teeth when he gets older!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Art Camp

Last week Paige attended art camp! She had sooo much fun! The camp was Monday-Friday 9-12 for only $10!!!! What an amazing deal!

Everyday they had a different theme, and did several projects along the theme.
Here is all of her work from the week.

This is her favorite from the week. The fish are actually made out of clay, and glued to the paper.

Art Camp was definitely a hit! Wish I could have talked Collin into going.....Maybe next year!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

swimming lessons

Last week Paige took swimming lessons with coach Ian. This is our second year with Coach Ian and Paige loves him! He is a great swim coach! Last year we took lessons at Creekmore Park, this year we did them at his house. Addison took lessons with us this year. That is her in the background of the picture swimming with Coach Ian. Addison is quite the fish!

Here is Paige working on her freestyle.

And on her back kick.

I am really impressed with how well Paige is swimming this year! She is already asking if we can take lessons with Coach Ian again next year!

Friday, June 11, 2010

2010 State Trap Competition

Friday June 4, 2010, Gary Don , Austin and I headed to Lonoke Arkansas for the State Trap Competition.
The tournament was a bracket setup. It looked like a NCAA March madness bracket!

Our squad did AWESOME!!! They made it to the elite 8, and finished the day with a 5th place finish!

Dustin McGowen, Austin, Brodey Mizell, Ty Wyckoff, and Preston Young
These young men did an outstanding job!!! They shot 5 rounds. 114/125, 111/125,108/125, and107/125.

Greenwood sent 4 junior squads to the state meet. Two teams went out in the 1st round, we finished 5th, and the other squad placed 3rd!!!! I think these boys represented greenwood well!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Collin's New Friend

Meet Cocoa!

He is Collin's new friend! He is hoping to show him in the fair this fall. We are praying he lives that long!

A guy Gary Don works with gave us the hutch and Cocoa lives out there most of the time. Collin brings him into his room at least once a day.

There is a story behind the name...It is Cocoa not only because of his brown is because he makes "cocoa puffs"! gotta love 'em!