Thursday, December 30, 2010


Gary Don took some pictures of the cousin while we were all together on Christmas eve.
Austin 13, Haley 18, Collin 10, Paige 6, and Addison 4.

Curry family picture! I didn't do any family Christmas cards this year, partly out of laziness, and partly out of not having a family picture to use. We took this one on Christmas eve, and I think it turned out really good. To bad it is to late for Christmas cards!


Santa paid a visit to the Curry house this year and I guess we all were on the good list! Austin got a new pellet gun with a scope, Call of Duty Black Ops, and a 007 movie.
Collin got a new bike, Madden NFL 11, and Night at The Museum Night at the Smithsonian.
Paige got a new Our Generation doll with a wardrobe, Cooking Mama Ds game, a basketball, and Toy Story 3.

Christmas 2010

The Curry's had an awesome Christmas! The Curry kids had more presents than the deserved!

The kids standing beside their gifts at Mimi and Papa's Christmas day!

You will notice their stacks are almost as tall as them!

Paige got a digital camera from Mimi and Papa and has been taking a lot of pictures!

Collin got a Russian hat from Aunt Carrie and the gang. The hat has hardly left his head! He loves it! She also got 3 pair of shoes, some clothes, and a barbie make up case full of makeup!

Austin got some 5 finger running shoes! This is the first year in a long time that we really surprised Austin!

Austin also got a new coat, a coupon to but new shoes and lunch with Mimi and Papa, jeans, and some other great stuff!

Collin got this Longhorn scrub shirt with Dr. Collin H. Curry on it. He wants to be an Orthodontist when he grows up! Collin got some new boots, a new model, and a camelback. He also got an air soft gun from Mimi and papa and the proper Eye protection to go with it!

Addison got a lot of great gifts, a lot of them with the Rapunzel theme. She got this wig! It is really funny! We all tried it on.

December 12, 2010

December 12, 2010 was a day all about Paige! The church children's choir sang in the morning service to start the day!

In the afternoon Paige had her first piano recital. She has been taking lessons from Mrs. Franks since mid September. She enjoys going to her weekly lesson, but doesn't really like to practice much during the week! She did a great job at the recital! She got really nervous when she saw all of the people there! I am not sure she had any idea that there would be so many there!

the night cap of the day came with the children's choir performance of "Cooking Up Christmas"! The choir did an awesome job! Paige loves being a part of the choir. I am thankful for Mrs. Raydell and all her helpers that help to make Children's choir happen!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Pop Curry

After the State championship football game we went to visit Gary Don's dad.

The kids don't see Pop Curry very often, so we couldn't pass up the chance for a short visit.

I thought the pictures turned out pretty good.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

State Champs!

The Curry's made the trip to Little Rock to watch the Bulldogs play in the 5A State Championship game. I am so glad we went! It was an amazing game to watch!
The Bulldogs didn't get off to a good start to the game. After two quick turnovers we were trailing 14 0! The Bulldogs never gave up!!! With 4 min left in the game the score was 35 to 21. The bulldogs had not had the lead at any point in the game! 4 WILD minutes later the Greenwood Bulldogs are the 5A State Champions!!!!

Collin is congratulating Stephen Hogan. He is the Senior quarterback for the Bulldogs, and he also happens to be my niece Haley's boyfriend. My kids think Stephen is the best! He is a great kid inside and out!

Santa's Helpers

The annual decorating of the house for the holidays is a family affair at the Curry house! Collin gets to climb the ladder to the attic to retrieve all of the Christmas decor. This year he put his football helmet on because he kept hitting his head on the rafters. He must be getting taller!

Paige always helps carry things in. Sometimes she gets a little distrated....She thought she would decorate herself!

And this hot hunk of a man gets the honors of putting the lights on the house! He does a great job every year!

Here is Santa! We have had him for a few years, and this year may be his last! He is having a hard time staying standing! Most nights if you drive by you will find Santa laying down on the job!

This year Collin even got to climb the ladder to the roof, to help with the lights! I am not sure I like him being up there!

Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving was spent at Mimi and Papa's house this year. Here we are this is the whole Thrift crew.

This is my grandmother with all of her great-grand kids!

Papa with the grand kids.

We had a great meal, then all the girls loaded up and went to the movies. Tangled was the ticket of the day. It was a cute movie. Mimi said she couldn't remember the last time she went to the movies. Hope she enjoyed the Disney film as much as Paige and Addison!

so far behind

Just realized this week that I have not updated in over a month. That might lead some to believe that we have not had any thing going on....That is definitely not the case! The next few post will be my attempt at catching up a little!