Sunday, January 31, 2010

A really great day!

Saturday truly was a great day! Waking up to 7 inches of snow is always a good way to start a day! I actually made breakfast! This is usually something Gary Don does, because I am usually still in bed! I love my sleep! I made biscuits from scratch, well I did use Bisquick, but they didn't come out of a can so that is from scratch in my book. I also made chocolate gravy. The kids LOVED it. Austin asked if I could make breakfast more often. I told him if we could eat it at 10 am everyday he was on!
After breakfast we began bundling and loading up to head to Mimi and Papa's. My parents live on the golf course and have the best place for sledding.

This is what the suburban looked like when we went out to warm up the car to leave. We made it to Mimi's without any problems. The roads were not to bad. As soon as we arrived the kids were ready to SLED!

This is where the fun takes place!

This is Paige after she did a face plant off the front of the sled! She did not last very long after this. She was too cold!

Austin and collin tried their hand at using the sleds as snowboards. They got pretty good at it, after several wipe outs! More pictures to come! I think we are going to head back out today!

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