Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vacation part 2

After a relaxing weekend with friends we loaded back into the suburban and drove south. We spent a few days hanging out in Galveston. The following are pictures from the beach. We spent Monday afternoon and most of Tuesday there.

Austin spent a lot of time hanging out in a chair. He likes the beach o.k., and it didn't help that the burn on his leg was very painful!
Collin showing the seaweed he caught. There was a lot of seaweed!

I think Collin could live at the beach! He loves to play in the water!

This girl is always ready to pose for a picture!

This is the only family picture we have from the whole week! The wind was blowing like crazy! Hurricane Alex was blowing in. Because of Alex making landfall just south of Texas in Mexico we checked out a day early!