Thursday, August 5, 2010


The month of July brought F.A.S. Dogs to the Curry house.
F= flexibility
A= agility
S= speed
This is a 4 day a week speed camp put on by the high school coaches. Austin's group met from 7:30 to 9:00. Collin's group was 9:30 to 10:30. Both of the boys really liked FAS Dogs.

On the first and last day they time certain drills to check for improvement.


Standing Broad jump: 89, 89

Pro Change: 4.88 sec., 4.78 sec.

40 time: 5.37 sec., 5.09 sec.

3 cone: 8.28 sec., 7.90 sec.

2 min. sit-ups: 69, 97


Standing Broad Jump: 56", 63"

Pro Change: 5.94 sec., 5.44 sec.

40 Time: 6.40 sec., 6.09 sec.

3 Cone: 11.07 sec., 9.09 sec.

2 min. Sit-ups: 45, 61

Both of the boys improved in all of the tested areas!! If you didn't miss a day of FAS dogs you earned a 100% Bulldog t-shirt!

Austin and Collin both earned their shirts!

For the last day the firetruck came to cool the boys down!

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