Sunday, November 7, 2010

New Do!

For several months Paige has wanted a haircut. We were trying to wait until it was long enough to donate.
Last weekend I decided it was time! Weather it was long enough to donate or not! She would scream and cry every time I had to brush her hair!
So on Monday I made the call to Mrs. Wendy!
The appointment was set for Thursday after school.

Here she is before

The first cut! She actually cut a 9 inch ponytail! Locks of Love will only take 10 or more inches. But I had a friend tell me that Pantene also has a program. So I checked into it and they will take 8 inches. We have it all bagged up and ready to send.

She is so excited about her new look!

I think she looks beautiful!!!
Thanks Mrs. Wendy for the great new do!


  1. Oh, she looks so cute!!! Madi told me she wanted to cut her hair too, this may make me want to do it!!