Thursday, October 20, 2011


All of September and now most of October has past in a blur for the Curry Clan!

Most Saturday's the Curry boy's both have the schedule set for us before the day begins!

We usually begin our day early with a cross country race. Austin is running AWESOME this year.

These pictures were taken at the Siloam Springs XC Meet.

I think that Austin has medaled in every meet but one this year. This past week he placed 1st!!!(I will have to get the pics off my phone)

With XC you never know what the course or the weather will be like! This year we have been blessed with really good weather so far.

Conference meet is Oct 29! Good Luck Austin!

The other half of our Saturday is spent at the football field!

This is the first year in our league that you actually kickoff, and Collin is our teams kicker. He is also playing quarterback again on offense, and linebacker on defense.

The season hasn't gone so great in regards to wins and loses, but the boys are playing hard, improving, and having fun!

Collin has scored a few touchdowns, and kicked a couple of extra points too!

Our last regular season game is Oct. 22nd then it is on to the play offs! Good Luck #12!

Even though our schedule is super crazy busy, I wouldn't trade it for anything! I love watching my boys compete in sports that they love!

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