Monday, January 2, 2012

SDC at Christmas

If I was organized and did a Christmas card, this would likely be the picture I would use! All of us piled in the BIG chair at Silver Dollar City! Kind of a goofy pic, especially considering I have some GREAT family pictures taken by a friend, but since I am not organized, and didn't do Christmas cards I don't have to choose!
The weekend before Christmas we loaded up and headed to Branson to use our season passes to SDC one more time! One of the main reasons we bought them, back at spring break, was to go at Christmas time to see the lights! They were amazing!
Paige waiting patiently for the Big boys to ride Wildfire. This was our 6th time at SDC this year and it was by far the most crowded! The weather was Sunny and cool. Even with the crowds we had a fun day!
Gary Don is the one with his hands up, and the boys are next to him.
Austin gladly volunteered to take this picture so that he wouldn't have to be in it!
Just a couple of pictures of the lights. We didn't take a good camera, so all we had were our phones.

I cannot imagine the amount of time it takes to put all of these lights out! The whole park is lit up!

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