Thursday, July 5, 2012

Good eats

One of the best things about vacation is all the great places you get to eat! When else do you eat out 5 nights in one week.

 Destin has a lot of great places to eat! We mostly ate at touristy places. The food was really good, but the prices pretty high! Note for next year, budget more money for food!The Crab Trap was right across the street from the house we stayed in. We ate there Sunday night. Graffiti's was the one local place we ate at. It was a cool pizza place. The walls were covered with art that local artist had done. All of the art was for sale.

 McGuire's is a cool place that has $1 bills all over the walls, ceiling, everywhere! They have great steaks!
 Harry T's is at the Harbor Walk and so is the Crazy Lobster. Of the 2 I would recommend Harry T's!

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