Friday, February 12, 2010

Basketball Pep Rally

Wednesday was Austin's last basketball game, and they had a pep rally at school! It was a lot of fun! The pictures are awful, but here they are. The one above was when they were calling out the players names.

Austin had double duty because he plays in the band also. He plays the trombone. You cannot see him in this picture, but he is in the back corner. They played several songs, will try to post a video too!
Here is a picture of the cheerleaders....all of the cheerleaders! There are 41 of them! They do not have try-outs for 7th grade so anyone who wants to cheer can! They are really pretty good. I don't know how their coach keeps control with that many girls!
Both boys teams won their games!

Hope you enjoyed some "Old Time Rock and Roll" 7th grade band style! They also dressed several of the boys basketball players as cheerleaders and they did a little dance. I thought they did a good job!

Basketball is over, and now we move on to track for Austin, baseball, and t-ball for Collin and Paige! Does it ever slow down? I dont think so but I love it!

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