Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Birthday Girl Part II

Instead of doing a big birthday party this year Paige and I decided to do something on a smaller scale! She picked 2 friends, and we were off to have a little girl time!
Every great party should begin with happy hour! I picked the girls up from school, dumped the boys at home (no boys allowed!), and we were off to Sonic!

After sonic we went to have their nails done! The color picking took a little time!

They weren't very patient at the drying station!

The finished product.

After nails we went back to the house to hang and play! Lindsey gave Paige this cool bag that you can color. They went right to work on it! Paige now carries her bible in it!

We finished the afternoon with dinner at McDonald's! We did let the boys join us for dinner!
Thanks Abi and Lindsey for helping make Paige's 6th birthday really fun!

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  1. Great post! Love the pics! That first one at Sonic is SOOOOO good of all 3 of them! Lindsey had a blast! Thanks for taking her!