Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Play Ball!!!

If you are ever wondering what the Curry's are doing week nights during May and June...Most nights we will be found at the ball fields! Another baseball season has begun!! I am really excited! I love baseball season! Yes the schedule will be crazy, and we will practically live at the ball fields, but I would not trade a minute of it!

Here is my little T-ball girl! Last year she was the only girl on her team, but this year she has 2 others joining her. Her team played really great and won their game!
My 2 ball players!

Collin has moved up to kid pitch this year! The games are longer, they can steal bases, and his role as catcher has become very important! Monday night he made the 1st out, 1st hit, and scored the first run of the season for his team! He played a really great game! His team came up a little short in the run department and lost the game by 3. I thought they played really good as a team!

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