Monday, May 24, 2010

Can I get a do over?

I need a weekend do over! Things started off great, Collin had a 5:30 ball game. They WON!!! The first win of the season! It was awesome! Then we were off to a friends 30th birthday party, more fun! Things really took a turn for the worse around 1:00 am from then until around 10:30 am I was making frequent trips to the bathroom! Really no fun! The stomach virus was really hard on this old momma! Spent the rest of the day in bed. Meanwhile my wonderful husband worked really hard! He took Paige to pick up her library card (will post picture later), then took Collin and Paige to Fort Smith to Sams and to pick up our new couch and love seat. When he arrived home he finished cleaning Austin's room, ripped up the carpet, cleaned the concrete and painted it! It looks great! Finally got the living room somewhat arranged with the new furniture. I definitely need some advice on paint color for the walls and placement! We are getting there! So glad to be back among the living!! Not really the kind of crash diet i had in mind!

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