Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Way behind.....but catching up!

Wow it is already Wednesday, and I have not updated from our busy weekend...a field trip, and trip to Eureka Springs, Mother's Day, and Collin's birthday! I will try my best to catch up!

Friday was Paige's kindergarten field trip to the Wild Things Farm! Of course she wanted me to go! So of course I went! We had good weather for the day, not to hot, but extremely windy!!!! Upon arrival we took a hayride, and got to pet the horses. Then it was off to the strawberry field to pick a small basket of strawberries! After instructions to pick the red leave the green, and stay off the plants walk between the kids were turned loose to fill their baskets. Paige took great pride in filling hers with large red berries. After the berry picking it was our turn to race the pigs (Paige won her race), feed the goats, look at the peacocks, race the ducks (Paige won her race again), then after a hand washing a picnic lunch. It really was a good day! Of course Paige got checked out early...isn't that what always happens on field trip days! Sorry no pictures! I forgot the camera!

Both Collin and Paige had birthday parties to attend Friday night. Collin's was a sleepover, and he got to ride the train in Van Buren on Saturday. When we went to pick Paige up from her party we stayed and visited with friends until way to late, but it was just what I needed after a crazy week! So thankful my kids have great friends to hang out with!

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