Saturday, December 18, 2010

Santa's Helpers

The annual decorating of the house for the holidays is a family affair at the Curry house! Collin gets to climb the ladder to the attic to retrieve all of the Christmas decor. This year he put his football helmet on because he kept hitting his head on the rafters. He must be getting taller!

Paige always helps carry things in. Sometimes she gets a little distrated....She thought she would decorate herself!

And this hot hunk of a man gets the honors of putting the lights on the house! He does a great job every year!

Here is Santa! We have had him for a few years, and this year may be his last! He is having a hard time staying standing! Most nights if you drive by you will find Santa laying down on the job!

This year Collin even got to climb the ladder to the roof, to help with the lights! I am not sure I like him being up there!

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