Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas 2010

The Curry's had an awesome Christmas! The Curry kids had more presents than the deserved!

The kids standing beside their gifts at Mimi and Papa's Christmas day!

You will notice their stacks are almost as tall as them!

Paige got a digital camera from Mimi and Papa and has been taking a lot of pictures!

Collin got a Russian hat from Aunt Carrie and the gang. The hat has hardly left his head! He loves it! She also got 3 pair of shoes, some clothes, and a barbie make up case full of makeup!

Austin got some 5 finger running shoes! This is the first year in a long time that we really surprised Austin!

Austin also got a new coat, a coupon to but new shoes and lunch with Mimi and Papa, jeans, and some other great stuff!

Collin got this Longhorn scrub shirt with Dr. Collin H. Curry on it. He wants to be an Orthodontist when he grows up! Collin got some new boots, a new model, and a camelback. He also got an air soft gun from Mimi and papa and the proper Eye protection to go with it!

Addison got a lot of great gifts, a lot of them with the Rapunzel theme. She got this wig! It is really funny! We all tried it on.

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