Friday, June 24, 2011

15 at 16 and a Half

Gary Don and I finally took our 15 anniversary trip, in May of 2011! We will have been married 17 years in November! Better a little late than never! We wen to Cancun for 4 days, and it was wonderful!

I could sit and look at this view all day!

We spent all of Tuesday and Thursday either here or......


Dinner Tuesday night

Wednesday we took a snorkeling excursion. We made two stops. One was an inlet where we saw sting rays, and lots of fish. They said there were see turtles there, but we didn't see any. The next stop was to an under ground river. The water was freezing!!!! And so clear! As we stood on the platform getting our instructions, the water looked about 5 feet deep, but when we got in we realized that you couldn't touch the bottom!

After the cave, we had lunch and then got to play! They had a platform you could jump off off, a short zip line, and hammocks for relaxing!

The building we had lunch in.

Gary Don and Jesus! Jesus was our guide for our day snorkeling! He was so much fun! He called Gary Don his very sexy brother!

Wednesday night before dinner.

Thursday night before dinner.

We saw these little guys daily! Made me glad our room was on the 3rd floor! really don't think I would like to wake up to one in my room!

There were statues like this all over the resort!

We had a great trip!

So thankful for Mimi and Papa keeping the kids so we could get away!


  1. Tracy how fun. Where did you stay? I am interested in doing this as well. I am afraid to go a on cruise since there is no cell phone coverage but in Cancun there probably is I am guessing.I could look at that water all day. I love the picture of you the hammock you look beautiful. Congrats!!

  2. Such fun! Glad you all were able to take a trip like this!