Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I realized this week that school starts in a month! Where has summer gone!

This summer all 3 Curry kids went to camp! Collin moved up to our middle school ministry at church and went to camp in Texas this year. Paige went to children's camp, and Austin went with her to help with the boys. Then Austin went to camp WOW.

Collin and Clayton loaded up and ready for a great week at camp!

Emily, Lily, Paige, and Abi ready for camp!

Austin and Mr. Aaron Gamble ready to head to children's camp.
Mr. gamble will be Austin's algebra teacher this year. I need to be doing more praying for this man! hopefully Austin will grasp algebra better than I ever did!

As a family we took in a Naturals game. It was a lot of fun! The Carter's and the Goodwin's were there too.

All the kids minus Austin and his girlfriend (they were to cool to get their picture made with the chicken)

Austin and Kassy

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