Friday, June 15, 2012

May 22- Step II

On Tuesday May 22nd, after graduating from preschool, Ann, Lori, and I headed off to Tulsa for my physical. The first stop was at the doctor's office who would be overseeing my donation. This stop was a little over whelming. The doctor is an oncology doctor. (I didn't get a picture of his office.)Sitting in his office waiting room seeing people in the middle of the fight of their lives was very humbling. It made the whole process of bone marrow donation very real. While here I met Dr.Lynch, his P.A. Erin, and Janice the donor coordinator. Erin preformed a physical, and they all asked a lot of questions.I got to share a little of Michael's story with them when they asked how I got on the BE A MATCH registry. They also thanked me over and over for my willingness to donate.

After leaving the oncology office we had to travel across town to the hospital lab for another blood draw. After the blood draw we had to go to another office across the street for an EKG and a cheat X-ray.  Thru this whole process and all the testing I kept wondering if they were going to find something wrong with me.

After a long afternoon of testing for me and shopping for my friends we ended our time in Tulsa with a yummy dinner at Abuealos.

On the Saturday after the physical I was called and told that I had the final approval to donate!

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