Saturday, March 20, 2010


Three years ago Austin was introduced to 4-H by our friends the Russell's. We are members
of the shooting sports club. They meet once a month and usually shoot different types of guns, anything from .22s to muzzle loaders. Last summer Austin attended 2 different camps thru 4-h and had a great time.
As a member if you participate in three different county activities during the year the county will pay for half of the cost of any camp. Last year Austin performed at the performing arts night, he played the piano, he also participated in a BBQ chicken cooking contest, that he placed 2nd in and got to go to Fayettville to compete in the state competition. The last thing he did was a county-o-rama, where they compete in different games and tests, like bb shooting, reel casting, fish identification. All of that to say those are the three things he will participate in again this year.
Thursday night was the performing arts night. This year Austin performed with his friend Kyle. They played a duet. Austin on the piano, and Kyle on the guitar.
Here they are practicing at our house the day before.

They did a really great job!

They received a red ribbon for their efforts!

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