Monday, March 15, 2010

Boys of Summer (and girl)

It that time of year again! Time to hear the clink of the bat hitting the ball, and the slap of the ball in the glove! BASEBALL! I love this time of year! Collin has been practicing for a few weeks. This year he moves up to first year kid pitch. Normally he plays catcher, which will take on a whole new meaning for him this year! He is also hoping to get to pitch a little too!
This weekend the whole team, several dads and a few moms loaded up and went to Little Rock for a hitting and pitching clinic. Gary Don went with Collin and they had a great time!

Warming up before the clinic

Collin getting some pitching instruction! Check out that balance!

Hopefully the boys learned a thing or two! I can't wait for the season to start!

On a side note Paige is playing t-ball again this year! She is on the same team as last year, but this year she is not the only girl! One of her friends Chaise is playing too! I will have to get a few pictures of her in action at her next practice!

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