Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Last Thursday night Paige had her kindergarten PTO program! Lucky for me her class was to dress as princesses! I was really glad we did not have to be really creative with a costume! Some of the other classes had to be birds, lions, puppy dogs, snowflakes, bunnies, and the boys from our class were shrek. All of the kids looked great and did an awesome job.

This is our princess before we left. Mimi came over after work and helped roll her hair, and she was thrilled to get to wear some makeup! Who's child is she?

Not a great picture but this is about half of the kindergarten! There are 16 classes! Can you say over-crowded!

Here is our little performer! She really gets in to things like this! Her friend Eden is on her left.

Paige and Reese after the program! Here is a short clip of the song Paige's class performed! Hope you enjoy it!

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