Monday, March 1, 2010

Mom's Away (part II)

My kids LOVE it when I go out of town. (see below post) I think they don't like me! No really they just think dad is the fun parent! And truth be told he is! I can admit it, sometimes I am just no fun. I mean I make them do their homework, take baths, and sometimes I don't let them play the playstation when ever they want to! They all had a great time this weekend while I was gone. Austin spent the night with a friend Friday night. Gary Don took Paige and Collin to CiCi's for dinner. Collin had 9 Cinnamon rolls!

On Saturday Gary Don took this girl to have her nails done! He is a really great girl daddy!

She is really proud of them! Saturday they also installed this. Our other one was all rusted and barely standing!

I came home Sunday night to a freshly cleaned house and all of the laundry done! My husband is awesome! He even tackled Paige's room!

Doesn't it look great! I heard that several tears were shed in the cleaning of this room! She was also told that she would get a whoopin if she didn't do a better job of keeping it clean!

They also found time to sell a few of these! When I left on Friday we had 11 in the backyard. When I returned on Sunday we had 4! Tonight someone came for 2, so now we have 2! One yellow female and one black male. I think I might have a new couch in my future!
On Sunday Collin had his first baseball practice of the season! I am sooo ready for some baseball!


  1. I know how it feels for the dad to be the "fun" one! That was super sweet of him to take her to get her nails done! And lucky you to come home to a clean house after a weekend without kids!